Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Bean Sprouts

Although various types of bean sprouts are available in most health food stores and most supermarkets, and salad bars; few live up to their reputations as the pototype of health foods. Many bean sprouts are much more nutritous than others. One cup of the mung bean sprouts, for example, provides one third of the Recommended Nutrient Intake (RNI) of folate and 30 percent of the RNI for vitamin C. In contrast to this, it takes five cups of alfalfa sprouts to yield the same amounts.

Be WARNED although most bean sprouts can be eaten raw. There is an exeption and thatis the sprouted soybean, which contains a potentially harmful toxin that is destroyed by cooking. People with LUPUS should avoid alfdalfa sprouts; alfalfa in any form can prompt a flare up of symptoms.


*Some are high in folate; others are fair
to good sources of protein, vitamins C,
B vitamins and iron.


*Alfalfa sprouts may provoke flare up of
symptoms in LUPUS patients.

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